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VIDEO SHOOTING FOR TELEVISION PROGRAM: Video shots made for the column conducted by the ambassador of taste Anthony Peth within the Gustibus program broadcast on the LA7 network. The program is dedicated to Italian food and wine excellence.


Lara Peviani is a TV cameraman in Milan Italy. As a professional videographer for broadcast productions, Lara Peviani works for the Italian tv channels Rai Italia, LA7 and Sky DoveTV. She is specialized in travel documentaries, broadcasting services and tv reports which regards the Italian tech industry or other made in Italy productions in the field of  food and art.

FORMAT TV FOOTAGE – Lara Peviani, was responsible for the shooting of eight episodes of the program CAMPUS ITALIA, produced by Markinvideo in Rome. Format TV about excellence in Italian education, is broadcast on RAI ITALY. Here the episode on the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo.

INTRO FOR TV SERIES – Conceived and produced by Lara Peviani for the TV series “Viaggiatori”, 25-minute travel documentaries aired on the Mediaset TGCom24 news channel on digital terrestrial television. The acronym was created with a graphic template integrated with video footage from Openeyes Film which produces the series.

TV HEADING – “Quattro zampe in tribunale” is the column dedicated to animal rights held by Edgar Meyer environmental journalist and president of the association Gaia. The column is part of the program “Quattro zampe in famiglia” broadcast on Italian TV Channel Rai2. Shooting by Lara Peviani.

WEB FORMAT – GREEN SCREEN REVIEW – Conducted by journalist Saimon Paganini and cosplayer Giorgia Vecchini, Gameclub is a container of video game product reviews. Prod. Spicycom for Mediaworld. Shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

INTRO FOR TV SERIES – Lara Peviani was responsible for the design and implementation of the logo and the initials for “Around the world in 80 islands”, travel reportage on the most beautiful and characteristic islands in the world. The series, now in its eighth edition, was broadcast on the Dove TV channel, Sky.  Production Openeyes Film.

TV PROGRAM VIDEO FOOTAGE – Lara Peviani has shot and edited various reports for the StartupItalia column conducted by Barbara Gasperini, broadcast on LA7. The program dealt with new successful Italian business realities. Here the report on the startup GreenRail.

DESIGN WEEK TV SPECIAL – The italian production company Media Production has commissioned Lara Peviani to make video shootings for the event of the Salone del Mobile 2019 with interviews with famous international designers. On air on RAI PREMIUM.

WEB TV REPORT – Lara Peviani was responsible for the filming of two reports aired on the ZOOMIN.tv platform, a web TV that broadcasts news reports made by video reporters all over the world.