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AERIAL SHOTS WITH DRONE SHOWREEL – Shooting made with Dji Spark radio-controlled drone (lightened model less than 300 g). Video operator: Lara Peviani and Alessandro Vallefuoco.

Aerial shooting with drone Milan Italy

We carry out aerial shooting with drone in Milan, Lombardy and all over Italy. The video shooting with drone is used in various fields: aerial shooting for the promotion of accommodation and tourist facilities, video surveys and architecture from above, aerial footage for events and ceremonies, aerial shooting services for companies, aerial video construction sites.

Aerial filming with a radio-controlled drone enriches a company video, it can describe from above the inside of a large factory, showing its machinery and personnel at work from an unusual view. It allows to enhance the beauty of a location in a wedding ceremony or an exclusive event and allows to push our vision in places previously accessible only by helicopter.

The realization of aerial shooting with drone for real estate is a must in the luxury real estate market, for the promotion of prestigious homes with large gardens or swimming pools.

We use a light drone, under 300 g, which offers excellent quality images and has less flight constraints than the heavier models. It is advisable, when requesting an estimate for shooting with a drone in Milan or in other locations, to do it some time before the shooting date so that the operators can obtain the Enac permit and the permission of the Municipality (if, for example, you want to fly in particular areas of the city).