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WEB ADVERTISING SPOT MILAN – Made for the jewelry shop “Lingottino” in the center of Milan, which for twenty-five years combines luxury and refined elegance creating jewelry of the highest craftsmanship. Direction, photography, shooting and editing by Lara Peviani.

Corporate video production Milan Italy | Web advertising spot Milan 

Lara Peviani is a videomaker specialized in corporate videos in Milan, Lombardy and anywhere in Italy. We are experienced in corporate videos for businesses and brands, training videos, promotional videos, web adverts, medical videos, wedding videos in Italy, backstage videos, recruitment videos, convention videos, interview videos, hotel video production, video for milan fashion week: whatever your needs are, we provide you tailor-made solutions to achieve your goals, to inspire your target audience and to make your businness grow.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO GALLERY DESIGN – Video spot for the website and for video projection inside the Angelo della Pergola 1 gallery by designer Myriam Kuehne Rauner. The spot is part of a series of four that can be viewed on the website www.angelodellapergola1.com. Direction, shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

VIDEO BACKSTAGE FASHION PHOTO SERVICE – Video realized during the shooting of the photographer Erika Di Vito for the important Atelier of wedding dresses Couture Hayez. Direction, shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

PROMOTIONAL VIDEO AUCTION HOUSE – La Auction Phila is a philatelic auction house active in Milan since 1981. The video, inserted in the home page of their new website, has been produced for the web agency Grf Studio. Direction, shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

VIRAL VIDEO MILAN – Video for the release of the video game “Medal of Honor Warfighter”. Played by Giorgia Vecchini. Directed by Monica Castiglioni. Shooting and editing Lara Peviani. Effects by Aymen Yahia. Produced by Spicycom with Everyeye.it.

VIDEO PRODUCT LAUNCH – MIND Magazine has produced at Volvo Studio in Milan this interview with Anna Hartelius, Director of Brand, Marketing and Strategy at Volvo, who illustrated the features of the Volvo XC40 car model.  Shooting and editing Lara Peviani.


VIDEO MAKEUP TUTORIAL – Makeup video lesson created for the 3INA make-up shop in Milan. Shooting, photography and editing, Lara Peviani.

VIDEO INTERVIEW NEW BORN PHOTOGRAPHER – Video interview with Erika Di Vito, new born photographer, who we see at work with a baby model, while she talks about her great passion for her work. Direction, shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

VIDEO TIMELAPSE SETTING SHOP MILAN – Lush, a company of fresh handmade cosmetics, has opened a new store in Duomo. The video contains a concentrate of the 8 days of setting up, in timelapse. Timelapse created by Lara Peviani and Luca Piva.

COMPANY VIDEO – The Per Group, which deals with damage restoration, reclamation and post-damage risk management, has been a fundamental ally of the Pastificio Rummo di Benevento, which was put to the test by a severe flood. The company wanted to tell in three video episodes this important collaboration.

VIDEO PRESENTATION STEEL OBJECTS – The Korean company Yegam produces items for the buffet. Objects mostly in steel that require special care during the shooting, being very mirror-like. The rotation system allows to illustrate the object at 360 degrees. Shooting and editing Lara Peviani for Grf Studio.

VIDEO PROMO PERSONAL TRAINER – Video spot for website and social media created for a personal training studio located in the center of Milan. Direction, shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

COMPANY TYPOGRAPHY VIDEO – Video realized for the site of Tipografia Verderio, which illustrates some details of the printing techniques, ancient and modern, used by the company. Shooting and editing Lara Peviani for Grf Studio.

PROTOTYPE LAUNCH VIDEO – Kickstarter is an online platform that allows you to launch a prototype and acquire potential customers who will subsidize its production. The video was created for the launch of “Unike”, a screw for bikers who want to make their bike special. Direction, shooting and editing Lara Peviani.

VIDEO PROMOZIONE APP – Video per il lancio dell’app Dynameet che promuove l’incontro tra sportivi. Il video è un montaggio di immagini stock, con l’inserimento di schermate dell’app nei telefonini. Editing Lara Peviani.